Things that only annoy designerds

Posted by on Aug 13, 2012 in Blog

We’ve all been there. You’re sitting enjoying the company of friends when the conversation sparks a thought about professional pet peeves. In a designer’s case, it could be the use of a foot mark instead of an apostrophe on a pub menu. “Can you believe this?”, you say to your buds. Dumbfounded, they reply, “Who cares? Let’s get some wings and beer”.

The designerd presses on, undaunted and ready to bore his friends.

The Law & Order logo has been bothersome for years. Is there a reason why the ‘A’ and ‘W’ are so far apart? The rest of the letters are much more tightly spaced. “The kerning is inconsistent.” the designerd would say. Wings are eaten. Eyes are rolled.

“How ‘bout this then?” The nerd points at a local newspaper front page. He hates picking on a community paper, but his increasing frustration and inebriation cloud reason. Inappropriate story photos are inappropriate story photos. Upon first glance, it seems that the Abominable Snowman and Winnie the Pooh were captured on video causing some ruckus. In fact, these guys were part of a Holiday display that was destroyed by two, actual human vandals. Surely there must have been a better photo to feature? “This isn’t a serious problem. My beer is warm. That is a serious problem.” the annoyed nerd’s friends say.

“Look at these posters? They’re so diagonal, it looks as though X-Men are going to fall into my lap!” the exasperated nerd says. The pub walls are lined with prohibition era mug shots, road signs, movie posters and alligator skulls for some reason. The posters catch our nerd’s eye though. The nonsensical, diagonal horizon lines are more distracting than all the reptile skeletons in the world.

The designerd’s friends have had enough. “Please don’t come out anymore.”