FlipChamps is complete – coming Dec 3rd to iOS and Android

Posted by on Nov 23, 2015 in Blog, Flip Champs

Flip yourself into becoming champion! Rack up your high score in this fast-paced, endless arcade battler against tough AI opponents.

Features include:
• 2 game play modes: Normal – speedy matches with one-hit victory or defeats. Survival – matches that afford you limited health that carries over between matches.
• 4 attacks to choose from, ranging from devastating laser blasts to timed mines.
• Tough boss dudes to battle.
• Colourful, retro visuals.
• Bumpin’ soundtrack.

The game will be free, supported by ads that can be removed via IAP.

Here’s some enthusiastic Touch Arcade coverage the game has received, plus a game play trailer on Appspy:

Touch Arcade preview

Touch Arcade stream

App Spy preview