Castle Pals and Poki!

Posted by on Oct 25, 2021 in Blog, Castle Pals
Castle Pals and Poki!

One of the more sound decisions I’ve made over the years was submitting my games to HTML5 game site poki.com ! Castle Pals has always been a steady performer on every platform it has been released on, but Poki has been the standout. In the last year, the game has been played nearly 7 million times!

I don’t think that it’s a trade secret that to be successful as an indie you need to diversify where you release your work to maximize how many people can, hopefully, enjoy what you create. It’s hard to argue that the numbers above hurt that cause. Mobile, console and browser is a healthy combination.

Recently, I decided to support the game more fully on the platform by adding content. The new levels, mixed with some much appreciated support and Halloween promotion from the site, has yielded better than ever results.

I can’t stress enough to any fellow developers out there – get in touch with Poki.