Owen’s Odyssey is the story of a boy, while on a journey, taking refuge from a storm in a dangerous place – Castle Pookapick. A castle where spikes, saws, fire, falling rocks, lava and creatures try and kill him. It’s a crappy place to take refuge. It’s okay, though. He can float past dangers using his trusty propeller hat.

• 40 levels of platforming fun over three acts!
• Intuitive touch controls!
• Game Center support for achievements and leaderboards!
• Boss battles!
• Coins!
• Secrets!
• Hardness!

It’s been a dream of mine since I was a kid to create a video game. I remember my brother and I drawing levels for TurboGrafx-16’s Keith Courage in Alpha Zones on graph paper.

So, I developed Owen’s Odyssey, a platformer starring a pixelated version of my 2-year old son. His random childlike wonder has helped me along the way. From all the enemies needing eye patches (apparently), to the name of the big bad boss – The Pookapick.