Squish Machine

Welcome to the Squish Machine! A machine designed only for squishing slow pokes who can’t turn it off in time. Are you quick enough for this action puzzler?

Features include:
* 128 quick, bite-sized levels at launch to progress through!
* 16 cute characters to unlock!
* Vibrant, fun visuals!
* Upbeat sound design!
* If you manage to survive the squish through level 128, you unlock an arcade mode. How many levels can you survive in a row? A million? Well, let’s see it, friend!

Squish Machine is an upcoming level-based puzzle platformer that's coming out Feb. 7 to iOS! I'll update this page once the game releases with download links. Really happy with how this one turned out. It was a challenge to design so many unique levels, but hopefully people enjoy the effort!

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