Some numbers

Posted by on Apr 2, 2017 in Blog
Some numbers

I haven’t checked my total downloads in a while, so I thought I would compile the numbers so far for my own games and games I’ve worked on. On iOS, for an indie like me, Apple features are crucial to gain any traction. Golf Zero has been enjoying heavy promotion on the App Store, and It’s a Space Thing has been featured about 10 times in minor features since its release last August. I will be eternally grateful to Apple for the support and I hope it continues! Don’t let the number for Owen’s Odyssey fool you. It’s been inflatedĀ  by various ‘Gone Free’ promotions over the years.

Android has been a tougher nut to crack. I haven’t been able to find a route to success with the platform, but I will continue to support it! Speaking of which, the Android version of Golf Zero is being worked on right now.

So, in total across platforms, by stuff has been downloaded 1,217,090 times. Pretty humbling, to be honest.


Golf Zero – 798k
It’s a Space Thing – 241k
Owen’s Odyssey – 104k
Owen’s Odyssey Free – 11.1k
FlipChamps – 7.09k


It’s a Space Thing – 31.3k
FlipChamps – 15.9k
Owen’s Odyssey – 8.7k